I have the perfect opportunity for an Education Student, visiting scholar or graduate student who may need on and off accommodations in the Kingston Area this coming Summer and Fall (2014 - Winter 2015).  

Between July 2014 and March 2015 I have a 2 storey house in the Greenwood Park area that is available for reduced rent in exchange for taking care of the house and allowing us access to stay at the house for short periods of time during those months. 

In the past I have had education students take me up on this offer, as they often have variable schedules where they do not always need to be in Kingston due to their teaching practicum placements. 

The dates where we would be at the house (which are somewhat tentative and negotiable), would be: 
July 1 - 10th - 2 people. 
October 20 - 27 - 2 people (these days are for certain) 
October 27 - November 14 - 1 person (or possibly no one at all) 
December 13th onward - 2 people. 

If you are in need of continued accommodation in the winter of 2015, this could also be arranged. 

If you are in need of accommodation before July 1st, this may also be possible. 

The two people you would be sharing the house with when they are there are a PhD graduate student and a post-doctoral researcher - both women 29 and 33 years of age. 

What you would have in the house: 

  • your own bedroom - very comfortable queen sized bed, dresser and TV 
  • an office 
  • laundry on the same floor as the bedroom 
  • your own bathroom 
  • Kitchen: stainless steel appliances, dishwasher, stove, fridge, double sink. 
  • Piano 
  • Large fenced back yard with deck and BBQ 
  • Back yard has a gate that opens onto a treed running/cycling path 
  • Basement TV room 
  • furnished dining room 
  • furnished main floor living room 
  • storage outside in a shed 
  • some storage in the garage 
  • some storage space i the basement 
  • parking on driveway 
  • air conditioning 
  • no cats 
  • dogs are negotiable 
  • friendly neighbours 
  • safe neighbourhood 
  • 3 bus stops within walking distance - 5-10 minute walk to each 
  • dog park within walking distance 
  • walking distance to soccer fields 
  • 15 minute drive to Queen's Campus 
  • quick access to the 401 

House Rules: 

  • no parties 
  • no smoking 
  • no overnight guests (exceptions made in special circumstances with advanced notice) 
  • must agree to care for the appliances so that they remain in "like-new" condition 
  • If you have a green thumb, we'd love it if you'd keep up the yard, but this isn't required. 

If we were renting this house in it's current condition, fully furnished without any of the above stipulations, the going rate would be approximately $3000/month + utilities. 

Because of the stipulations that we are making (having access to stay at the house, house rules, house sitting situation, one bedroom and one storage room off limits, no access to the garage) we will significantly reduce the rental fee by more than 50%. Exact amount will depend on negotiation of the terms above (i.e. how many days we have access to the house, what additional services/upkeep you might provide, etc.) 

If you have a lot of furniture, this situation is not ideal unless you were to store your belongings while living here. 

If you have any questions or if you would like to see the house, please send me a message.