Gay, Bi, & Queer Men’s Sexual Pain Study

We are a team of sexual health researchers from Ryerson University who are currently seeking gay, bisexual, and queer men to participate in our Gay, Bi, & Queer Men’s Sexual Pain Study. Pain when bottoming (i.e., receptive anal intercourse; when your partner inserts their penis or an object into your anus) is common among gay, bi, and queer men, with prevalence rates ranging from 12.5% to 18% among this population. Unfortunately, little is known about the symptoms and causes of pain when bottoming as well as the impact this difficulty has on the lives of gay, bi, and queer men.

Our goal: Gain a better understanding of the experiences of gay, bi, and queer with pain when bottoming, which is important for the development of effective medical and psychosocial treatments for this population.

We are looking for:

·       200 gay, bi, or queer men who experience pain when bottoming AND 200 gay, bi, and queer men who almost never experience pain when bottoming

·       Must have had any type of sexual activity with another male during the past 6 months

·       Must be over 18 years old

·       Must be able to speak and read in English

·       Must hold a valid Canadian bank account (in order to compensated for their time and effort)

What do participants have to do?

·       Complete an anonymous and confidential 1-hour online questionnaire package

Incentives for the participant:

·       $10 for their full participation

·       Help gay, bi, and queer men who experience pain when bottoming

Study Website: ( or Facebook page ( for more information.

Please feel free to contact our research team if you have any additional questions by telephone at 416-979-5000, ext. 2179 or via email at