The history & theory of psychology II

Location:  KC 2020
Timeblocks:  GH / HG - Monday / Wednesday @ 2:15pm
Attendance: Mandatory. No more than 3 missed classes - for any reason.

Section: Psyc 302
Term:  Winter 2018
Hashtag: #XPsyc302
Syllabus:  Syllabus in Evernote


Office:       Annex 24A
Hours:      Tuesdays & Thursdays: 1 - 2:30pm
                  Wednesdays: 3:45 - 5:05pm

A History of Modern Psychology
By C. James Goodwin

Required Text:

A History of Modern Psychology, 5th Edition by C. James Goodwin

This book is available as a printed book, an E-Textbook, or as a Kindle book. The kindle book is the most affordable ($56.00 from If you are able to make an purchase, the printed textbook is also available for rent, however it requires a US shipping address. The E-Book version is also available as a rental from, and does not require a US Shipping address, but does require a US Amazon account. 

The same textbook will be used by Dr. Wright in Psyc 301, and will be supplemented with additional assigned readings in both 301 and 302. Psyc 301 is not a pre-requisite for Psyc 302, however, if you are not taking Psyc 301, it is recommended that you read Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 of A History of Modern Psychology prior to the beginning of the January semester. 

Recommended reading