CPA 2019

Below are the KLB Research presentations from the 2019 CPA Annual Convention 

From Pulse to Pittsburgh (and to Christchurch): Collective Grief Responses to Three Separate Mass Shootings - Karen Blair & Rhea Hoskin

Dehumanization, Disbelief & Uncertainty: Reasons Given for Not Being Interested in Trans and Non-Binary Partners - Karen Blair & Rhea Hoskin

The Geography of Love: An Observation study of PDA in Same-Sex and Mixed-Sex Couples - Steve Wilton, Odessa McKenna, Karen Blair & Rhea Hoskin

New Advances in Communicating Research: Video Abstracts & Interactive Digital Posters - Karen Blair, Rhea Hoskin & Jessie Earl

Public Displays of Affection in Same-Sex vs. Mixed-Sex Couples: A Lack of Safety Not Desire - Odessa McKenna & Karen Blair

I Don’t Believe You: Commitment to Partner Predicts Motivated Denigration of Others’ Romantic Relationship Disapproval - Diane Holmberg, Kay Jenson, Joseph Hayes & Karen Blair

Parent and Adult Child Memories of Parental Support During the Coming Out Experience - Jill Northcott, Diane Holmberg & Karen Blair

That’s Not Quite How I Remember It: How do LGBTQ Families Remember Coming Out? - Breanna O’Handley & Karen Blair

William Robert Nelson “Buck” Blair: Canadian Psychologist & Innovator - John Connors & Karen Blair

Codependency Effects on Family Members of Adult Offenders - Nicole Tibbetts, Joseph Hayes, & Diane Holmberg

Fear of Separation Mediates the Association between Attachment Anxiety and Attachment Avoidance in Ex-Offenders - Chelsea Hudson, Joseph Hayes & Diane Holmberg