Holocaust Education Survey

Study Type:  Online Survey 

Study Length:  15 - 40 minutes   [Length depends on how quickly you read, survey branching, and how much you write for open-ended questions.]

Who Is Eligible?  Anyone over the age of 18 is invited to participate. We are especially interested in receiving responses from young people (18 to 30) as well as their parents. 

Who is conducting the study? Dr. Karen L. Blair, Assistant Professor of Psychology, St. Francis Xavier University 

Are my answers anonymous? Yes. The entire survey is anonymous. We have a way of linking data between a young person's response and their parent's response, but this method keeps the data entirely anonymous and we will never know who specifically provided which responses. 

Is there compensation? Everyone who completes the study will be entered into a prize draw for a $50 Amazon Gift Card. 

Are there any risks associated with participating? Some of the topics and questions may be upsetting. More information is provided on the Invitation to Participate when you access the survey. 

How can I begin the survey?  If you were invited to the survey by one of your children, please access the survey through the link that was included in the email that they sent to you. If you do not have a child who has participated in the study, you may click the link below to access the survey. 

Who can I contact with questions? Please feel free to send an email to kblair@stfx.ca if you have any questions about the study.