Live streaming of the Sexuality Pre-Conference at SPSP 2014   #SexatSPSP

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Part 1Lisa Diamond--“I was wrong!  Men are pretty darn sexually fluid, too”

Part 2 Sari Van Anders--“More than a hormone to me: Social neuroendocrine approaches to sexuality”  & Jose Bauermeister--“Time for a paradigm shift: The need for multidisciplinary approaches to improve the sexual health of adolescent and emerging sexual minority men"

Part 3  Martie Haselton's Talk was only available for the duration of the pre-conference day. 

Part 4 (Data Blitz) 

Part 5 - Terri Conley - "Is monogamy optimal? Reconsidering the primacy of monogamy in relationship processes." 

Question & Answer with the Speakers.