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The Food!

If you are like Karen, then you appreciate knowing what the menu will be in advance! 

First serving (around 1 or 1:15pm)

Siam Wookie Balls
Sesame crusted sticky rice balls flavoured with pickled ginger and served with a sweet chilli sauce

Caprese Salad Skewers
Grape tomatoes, cucumber and baby bocconcini wrapped in a fresh basil leaf with Balsamic glaze

Curried Chicken & Pulled Pork Yorkies 
Mini Yorkshire pudding stuffed with either Madras curried chicken or smoked pork shoulder 

Smoked Salmon on Crostini 
Citrus cured, smoked salmon with creamy goat cheese, scallions, capers and lemon zest

Asian Chicken Balls
Ground chicken flavoured with garlic, ginger and chillies - tossed in a plum sauce

Fresh Vegetables & Feta Sour Cream Dip

Mini Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Tasty combinations with vegetarian options on a variety of breads

SSecond serving (starting @ 2:45-3:00pm)

Roast Beef Sliders
With sour cream onions on mini buns

Double Baked & Stuffed Mini Potatoes 
With sour cream, scallions, aged cheddar cheese and turkey bacon

Local Cured Meats & County Cheese Selection
Featuring Seed to Sausage, Black River & 5th Town 
Served with assorted crackers and flatbread, pickles and olives

Thai Chicken Skewers
Ginger and garlic marinated chicken with a peanut dipping sauce

Trio of Dips
Feta Bruscetta, Curried Hummus, & Mexican Cheese Fiesta
Served with crispy tortilla chips and grilled pita wedges

Vegetarian Mini Wraps
Roasted vegetables, goat cheese, basil pesto and onions in mini flour tortillas 

Beet Chips & Yucca Chips
Served with Garlic Mayo

Fresh Fruit Skewers 

Dessert! (Approx 4 or 4:30PM)


'Nuff Said

'Nuff Said