Karen L. Blair, PhD

Karen Blair is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia;  an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia; and Chair of the Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Issues (SOGII) Section of the Canadian Psychological Association. Dr. Blair is an accomplished and sought after public speaker for academic and public events. 

Speaking topics

  • Approval & Disapproval of Romantic Relationships
  • In-Group Discrimination within LGBTQ communities 
  • Predictors of Anti-Gay Hate Crimes & Prejudice 
  • LGBTQ Health - for health professionals 
  • What can mixed-sex couples learn from same-sex couples? 
  • Sexual satisfaction in diverse relationship types
  • Experiences of sexual pain in sexual minority women 
  • LGBTQ Inclusive Research Methods
  • Online Research Methods
  • Crowdfunding for Academic Research 
  • Technology in the Classroom 
  • Health Implications of Public Displays of Affection 
  • Prejudice & the 2016 US Presidential Election 
  • Holocaust Education in Canada
  • LGBTQ Psychology 
  • Global LGBTQ responses to the Pulse Nightclub Shooting 



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