Welcome! The videos presented below were created as part of a campaign launched by ANZ Group to highlight their support of the LGBTQ Mardi Gras in Australia and New Zealand. Despite being corporate advertisements, the sentiments expressed by the individuals within the videos succinctly sum up the very foundations of my research in the area of same-sex couples, the perceived threats of sharing affection in public, and the relational benefits of being able to share affection in public.

The first video is the commercial that was aired and the second video is a collection of ANZ Group employees discussing their own experiences with sharing affection in public. Some speak from the perspective of sharing affection in a same-sex relationship, while others discuss their experiences in mixed-sex relationships. Despite being a group of people living half way around the globe from where we are here in Canada, the experiences described are quite universal and represent the same experiences that I will be asking North American participants about in my research.