When A Drag Queen Perfectly Summarizes Your Research!

In this TedX talk, Panti Bliss discusses same-sex PDAs, homophobia, and the tireless stress put on same-sex couples simply attempting to navigate the world like any other couple, but constantly having to be vigilant about their surroundings.

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What's the Worst That Could Happen? Fears of Visiting the Doctor for a Sexual Health Exam!

As I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook today, a College Humour video popped up providing a wonderful "POV" (Point of View) take on a woman's experience visiting the Gynecologist for a routine checkup. According to a recent paper that our lab published, the video, although intended to be entertaining, does a pretty good job of covering some of the primary concerns that women have about a sexual health exam - but with one major caveat: the women in question need to be cisgender, heterosexual women for this video to apply! 

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On the Surprising Sources of Research Motivation

A year ago today I made a post on Facebook about some of the surprising places that I find the motivation to do my research. Unfortunately, in my line of research, quite often the motivation that keeps me going comes from tragedy, although it does also come from positive experiences as well. A year ago, I was uncertain of where I would find a home for my research and so the need for motivation was that much stronger. I doubt that I am alone in finding motivation from the tragedies that surround us. In fact, it seems that almost all researchers are motivated in some way by something that is "wrong" - whether that be a problem with the environment, a health condition, or, in my case, societal levels of discrimination. 

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The 2nd Annual Sexuality Pre-Conference at SPSP

The 2nd Annual Sexuality Pre-Conference at the Annual Meeting of SPSP is TODAY! This year's line up is great and covers a wide variety of topics from the latest research on arousal to how best to teach about sex to your undergraduate students! More than 60 people registered to attend the conference, which is impressive given that capacity was capped at 60!! (Somehow a few extras snuck in and we are glad to have them!) 

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Sexuality Pre-Conference at SPSP 2014

For the first time ever, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology's Annual Meeting included a Sexuality Pre-Conference. The speakers included: Lisa Diamond, Sari van Anders, Jose Bauermeister, Martie Haselton & Terri Conley. 

You can view the live video feeds from the individual talks by clicking here

We had a lot of wonderful live tweeters at the conference, so take a look at their scrolling summary below. 

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand, But What If It Isn't Safe?

This past year has seen an increase in hate crimes targeted at the LGBTQ community, and especially same-sex couples holding hands or engaging in other forms of public displays of affection, or PDAs. Nick Porto and Kevin Atikns, a gay couple living in New York city, were knocked to the ground and violently attacked in broad daylight while walking down the street holding hands.

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