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Are you looking for a KLB Research Study that you can participate in right now? Below you will find a summary of each of our current studies that are open to new participants! Thank you for your interest! If you do not find a study that suits your interests at this time, you can always join our participant list to ensure that you're among the first to be notified whenever we have a new study available! 


Memories ofcoming outstudy.png

memories of coming out study

Have you ever come out to a parent as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two Spirit or Asexual? Have any of YOUR children ever come out to YOU as LGBTQ2s+? If so, this study is for you. We are seeking parents and adult children to participate in a study on the memories of the coming out process. While many past studies have examined the experience of coming out, no study to date has examined how we remember the coming out experience. All participants will be entered into monthly prize draws to win $100. If you successfully invite a parent or child to also participate in the study, then you'll both be entered to win $500!