Academic & Research consulting services 

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Are you ready to make the move to conducting research online but are not sure where to begin or what tools you may need? Have you hit a plateau with your existing online research skills? Are you unsure about how to begin including LGBTQ participants in your samples? Do you just need some help building your online presence? Let me help! 

With over a decade of experience in conducting inclusive online research, I can assist you in transforming your research program to one that takes full advantage of what today’s modern technology and Internet connectivity have to offer. Whether you just need some ideas and pointers on where to start, or are looking for someone to manage your transition to online research, I would be happy to be of assistance.

I am also available to assist with traditional research projects, whether you need statistical analyses, participant management, or survey/research design assistance! For more information on my available services, please see the list below! 

Services Available:  

General Research Services:

  • Statistical analyses & interpretation

  • Online survey software selection & comparison

  • Online survey design & programming

  • Smart phone & tablet survey optimization

  • Survey testing

  • Automation of laboratory procedures

  • Conversion to an online research system

  • Training in online research methods

  • Website design

  • Creative survey solutions and custom programming

  • Creating an online presence for your research lab

  • Social media recruitment and advertising

  • Personalized online interview portal creation

LGBTQ Research Services: 

  • Application of LGBTQ inclusive research methods

  • Recruitment of LGBTQ participants

  • Assistance with IRB / REB applications for LGBTQ research

  • Review of surveys for LGBTQ inclusion

Conference Services: 

  • Live Streaming and online archiving of conference talks

  • Website Design

  • Systems Development & Design (e.g., abstract submission, peer review)

  • Conference Organization

  • E-Commerce set-up

 Advantages of Online Research: 

  • Automated data collection

  • No data entry

  • Collect larger samples

  • Streamlined data cleaning

  • Increased anonymity

  • Increased convenience

  • Reach non-university populations

  • More diverse sampling

  • International reach

  • Use technology that participants enjoy

  • Study sensitive topics

  • Collect data in natural environments

  • Multi-media incorporation

  • Avoid data entry errors

  • Overall cost savings

  • Fewer RA hours

  • Less complicated participant scheduling

  • Run multiple participants at once

  • Reduce some sources of bias

  • Online Office Hours Set Up

  • Website Chat Support

Past & Present Clients

  • Acadia University

  • Queen's University

  • University of Utah

  • SCPL Fort McMurray


  • Narrative Matters Conference

  • Mercury YGK

  • Lake Louise Writing Retreat

  • Preacing to the Choir Conference