CPA 2017

Below are the KLB Research presentations from the 2017 CPA Annual Convention 

Collective Grief & Global LGBTQ Responses to the Pulse Nightclub Shooting - Rhea Ashley Hoskin & Karen L. Blair

Femininities Scale - Rhea Ashley Hoskin, Kay Jenson, Diane Holmberg & Karen L. Blair

Importance of Vaginal Penetration in Lesbian, Bisexual & Heterosexual Women with and without Genital Pain - Kay Jenson, Rhea Hoskin, Karen L. Blair & Caroline Pukall 

Representations of Autism in Crime Fiction - Katerina Hirschfeld

Is Coming Out Universally Good? SES, Outness, & Health  - Lana Phemister & Karen L. Blair

Dynamics of perceived social network support for same-sex versus mixed-sex relationships - Karen L. Blair & Diane Holmberg

Is Our Feminism Bullsh*t? The Importance of Intersectionality in Adopting a Feminist Identity - Rhea Ashley Hoskin

What Happened? Predicting US Voting Choices by Previously Measured Attitudes in the 2016 Presidential Election - Karen L. Blair

Disapproval of Romantic Relationships: Who Disapproves, How, & Why?  - Diane Holmberg, Karen Blair, Kay Jenson

Do They Really Want to Know? Deciding to Give (or Withhold) Disapproval for Others' Relationships - Kay Jenson, Ryan Moult, Karen Blair, & Diane Holmberg

What Do You Know? Managing Disapproval of Romantic Relationships  - CPA Social Personality Pre-Conference Talk by Diane Holmberg

Madonna-Whore: Religiosity, Prescribed Femininity and Body Image - Rhea Ashley Hoskin, Kay Jenson, Diane Holmberg, & Karen Blair