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    Print Media Coverage of KLB Research Studies 

    International Business Times, UK, There’s no such thing as ‘gay panic’ – scientists debunk excuse for anti-gay hate crimes. Interviewed by Martha Henriques.

    Elite Daily, Women are refusing to receive oral from guys because returning the favor sucks. Candice Jalili.

    Medical Daily, The orgasm gap, explained: Why women turn down oral sex from straight men. Lizette Borreli.

    PsyPost, Study finds straight men want to perform oral sex on their partner more often. Interviewed by Eric W. Dolan

    Inverse Science & Chill, Study on ‘orgasm gap’ reveals surprising truth about oral sex. Yasmin Tayag

    Julie Beck. Study: Long Distance Relationships Can Work: Greater distance apart actually predicted more intimacy, communication, and satisfaction. The Atlantic. 

    Rachel Sugar.  Science Says Long Distance Relationships Might Actually Be Better. The Date Report.

    Entity Magazine, What to do when your parents hate your significant other. Interviewed by Casey Cromwell

    The Globe & Mail, Their story – I want to be somewhere between two points of gender. Interviewed by Sarah Hampson

    The Globe & Mail, Society at the transgender tipping point. Interviewed by Sarah Hampson

    Business Insider, How to have a thriving long distance relationship

    Queen’s Journal, Say that you love me! Interviewed by Katherine Meagher

    Ekstra Bladet, Så meget knalder lesbiske, by Tomas Roar

    New York Magazine, Could it be that long-distance relationships are actually healthy? Interviewed by Maureen O’Connor

    Pacific West Magazine, Long-distance relationships really can work, Interviewed by Tom Jacobs

    Men’s Health Magazine, Your long-distance dating survival guide, Interviewed by Markham Heid          

    Utah Daily Chronicle, Recognizing prejudice as key to reducing violent acts, Interviewed by Rose Marie Jones

    Halifax Chronicle Herald, Q & A: Bigotry and sexual minorities, Interviewed by Michael Lightstone

    Kingston Whig, Study examines public displays of affection / Acceptance Questioned, Interviewed by Ian MacAlpine

    Huffington Post, LGBTQ research receives more hate mail than donations, Interviewed by Kristen Mark              

    Salt Lake City Tribune, Study of anger toward same-sex affection draws more anger, Interviewed by Matthew Piper

    Xtra News Ottawa, Study to look at public displays of affection in same-sex relationships, Interviewed by Adrienne Ascah

    Winnipeg Free Press, Why does same-sex affection draw anger?   Interviewed by Carol Sanders

    Globe & Mail, Is holding hands OK? How same-sex couples navigate public displays of affection, Interviewed by Zosia Bielski

    Queen’s Alumni Review, Alumna’s time at Queen’s may be over, but her research keeps on giving, Interviewed by Sharday Mosurinjohn

    The Charlatan, I want to hold your hand: Challenges in LGBTTQ+ dating, Interviewed by Veronique Hynes, Carleton University

    Winnipeg Free Press, Getting Closer, Interviewed by Carolin Veseley

    Globe & Mail, Stress and the same-sex union, Interviewed by Erin Anderssen

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    ABC 4 News - Utah - Story By Kim Johnson

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