Selected Conference Presentations


The Psychophysiology of Sexual Prejudice: Is it in us all? Oral presentation at CSRF 2017, Fredericton, NB.  - Presented by Bre O'Handley

From 'it does nothing for me' to 'I can't function without it.' When, why and for whom does vaginal penetration become important? Poster presented at CSRF 2017, Fredericton, NB.  - Presented by Kay Jenson

The Pain of Studying Love: Familial Rejection to Mass Murder - Lessons from a Decade of LGBTQ Relationships Research. Closing Plenary at the 2017 Guelph Sexuality Conference: #ExplorePain2017 

Presentations from the 2017 Canadian Psychological Association Convention in Toronto, Ontario - June 7-10, 2017

'They Were Our Brothers & Sisters' Global LGBTQ Responses to the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, Florida. SSSS 2016 Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, PDF

The Ins & Outs of Inclusive Research with Sexual and Gender Minorities. (ppt). Guest lecture for the University of Guelph. 

StFX Faculty of Arts Lecture Series Invited Talk: Just the Two of Us.... Or Is It? The Role of Social Support from Friends and Family in Making or Breaking Romantic Relationships (youtube lecture recording video)

CPA 2014 Presentation on Inclusive LGBTQ Research Methods in Psychology (Prezi) 

SPSP 2014 Presentations 

Asking The Right Questions: Considering Duration vs. Frequency When Measuring Sexual Activity (Powerpoint)

'He's Just Not Right For You!' Do Our Perceptions of Social Support for Our Relationship Have Consequences for Relationship & Health Outcomes?   (Prezi)

The Experiences of Femme Identified Individuals: Crossing Gender & Sexual Orientation (Poster)

The Opinions of Parents vs. Friends in the Dating Decisions of LGBT Individuals (Powerpoint)

A Model of Sexual Satisfaction and Romantic Satisfaction Within Attachment Theory: A Longitudinal Investigation of Same-Sex and Mixed-Sex Relationships (Poster)

Femme: Navigating Queer Boundaries & In-Group Discrimination (Poster)

Perceived Social Support As a Predictor of Relationship Well-Being, Mental & Physical Health in Same-Sex & Mixed-Sex Relationships: A Longitudinal Investigation (Poster)

Gender & Sexual Orientation Differences in Defining and Engaging in Cybersex (Poster)

When Sex Hurts: Experiences of Chronic Vulvar Pain Among Sexual Minority & Heterosexual Women (Poster)

Impact of Body Image on Body Exposure During Sex and Sexual Esteem: Same-Sex & Mixed-Sex Coupled Individuals (Powerpoint)

The Impact of HIV Drug Advertisements on Attitudes & Beliefs Concerning HIV (Poster)