The 2nd Annual Sexuality Pre-Conference at SPSP

The 2nd Annual Sexuality Pre-Conference at the Annual Meeting of SPSP is TODAY! This year's line up is great and covers a wide variety of topics from the latest research on arousal to how best to teach about sex to your undergraduate students! More than 60 people registered to attend the conference, which is impressive given that capacity was capped at 60!! (Somehow a few extras snuck in and we are glad to have them!) 

If you'd like to follow along (live) or after the fact, check out the #SexAtSPSP Hashtag throughout social media, but especially on Twitter. 

The day starts off with Meredith Chivers  talking about how our sexual response processes and the specificity of our sexual arousal patterns operate as a function of gender. Meredith will be followed by Gurit Birnbaum & Eli Finkel discussing the ever illusive topic of Sexual Desire and how it changes across the span of a relationship! 

The third speaker of the morning is Justin Lehmiller, one of our SexAtSPSP Co-founders! Justin will be talking about how to talk about sex .... with your undergraduate students by presenting methods of 'best practice' for teaching human sexuality. 

After Justin's talk there will be a break for lunch and the first speaker of the afternoon is Monique Ward tackling the issue of how media exposure contributes to all things related to sexuality, including sexual attitudes, experiences and the sexualization of youth in America. 

Monique's talk will be followed by the 2nd annual SexAtSPSP Data Blitz! The Data Blitz gives presenters just a few minutes and a few slides to enlighten us all about their latest and greatest research. This year we had even more applications for the Data Blitz so we extended it to 45 minutes! 

The final speaker of the day is Justin Garcia, speaking about how childhood family structure is related to the regulation of sociosexuality across the lifespan. 

The day wraps up with a roundtable discussion lead by Lisa Diamond and including all of the speakers from the day! 

We hope all of the attendees enjoy their day - and if you think that it sounds like a fun pre-con to be at (which, of course, it is), then remember us next year and register for Sex At SPSP 2016!!